Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Georgia Theatre Quilt Block from Athens Artist Ali Sabin

I wanted to share one of the latest entries for the Georgia Theatre art quilt.
Ali Sabin of Athens has created this hand-pulled marquee print for us.

Ali started making block prints about two years ago, due to her interest in traditional art techniques. She begins by designing the image, then carving the block before hand-pulling each piece.
Her "location" prints mimic mid-century tourism designs, thanks to, Ali says, her obsession with vintage advertising and propaganda.
Ali sells her work at local markets in and around Athens, and online.
See more of her designs at www.IPullPrints.com and at www.IPullPrints.etsy.com

Thanks for your contribution Ali!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What STORY Do You Wish to Let Go Of?

Boreas, another Waterhouse
seems to me she's holding onto her story...
I think she needs to let go

This Wishcasting Wednesday Jamie asks "what story do you wish to let go of?"

Come on; admit it.
We all have them.
The stories we tell ourselves.
The stories we tell others.

What's really real?
Be honest with yourself.
I've reached the conclusion that recognizing our stories and admitting the truth about them is the only authentic way to live.
What would happen if we all decided to live authentically? Tell the truth and take responsibility?

As for me, I wish to let go of the story of lack and pain.
How about you? What do story do you wish to let go of today?