Soul ReConnection Paintings and Soul Intention Paintings

Soul ReConnection Paintings

Dreaming a New Life Into Being

Shamanic healing and empowering art 
by Soul Expression Guide Jennifer Schildknecht
What if there was a creative and beautiful way to help re-connect and heal all the broken, disjointed places in your past so you feel empowered to move forward?

  • To go back in time and give yourself the love, tenderness and comfort that you had needed during trying periods of your life?
  • To reach back to hug and love up that lost and wounded little child that you were?
  • To give compassionate advice and support to that frightened and lonely teenage self?
  • To advise that young adult as they made life-altering decisions?
  • To step ahead to cheer on your future self’s endeavors?
  • To spread love through time, both backwards and forwards?
  • To know that you are safe and loved in this moment and all others in your lifetime?   
  • To obtain a beautiful visual reminder that all is well?
I will be your Soul Expression Guide for this journey, 
your intermediary between past, present and future.
between this world and the world of spirit

A Soul ReConnection painting is beautiful, powerful and inspiring work of art that connects all of your selves across time---past, present and future---as if by magic, giving you courage and insight. 

The process of creating your Soul ReConnection painting with me, your Soul Expression Guide, goes like this---

Once you’ve contracted with me for your painting, I’ll email you an overview of the procedure, along with a list of questions designed to help us find our starting point.

When you’ve returned that list to me, we’ll set up an appointment for our session via phone, Skype or Facetime.  We’ll chat for an hour, determining the areas that need to be included in your portrait.

Once we have clarity on those issues, you’ll begin your part of the work for the portrait.  You’ll begin with letter writing—positive, loving letters to your past selves, your present self, and your future self, as well as a letter back from your future self.
This work is deep, and intense, and intensely cathartic. It requires a commitment to this healing process.

  You’ll also choose your photo for your portrait. I prefer to work with childhood photos that show you at your happiest, most whole self, before you forgot who you were.
HOWEVER, we do not have to include an actual "portrait" unless that is what you desire!

I just paint as I am inspired, creating art that is complete as it is, no portrait necessary.

Upon completion of your love letters, you’ll compile lists of your wishes, desires, and goals from any and all areas of your life, written as affirmations (in the present tense, as positively as possible).  I also invite you to send ephemera, small trinkets with personal value or meaning,  to be included in your final art. 

While waiting for you to send all of the above to me (they can be emailed to me, but handwritten letters and lists are incredibly powerful), I’ll be preparing the canvas for your piece. 
I connect with your soul's essence to create affirmations just for you, as well as infusing the canvas with Reiki and powerful intentions for your good, along with essential oils and gem elixirs.
Once your letters are received, I adhere them all to your canvas, then the art begins. 
I will collage beautiful papers over your letters (no one but I will ever see them!), followed by layers of paint, intuitively selected, all layered with healing Reiki energy and intention.  
When I feel this part of your piece is completed, I’ll create a portrait of you from your photo and add it to the painting, if you so choose.

The cost for this amazing piece of healing art?

$800 includes one hour of one-on-one phone/Skype time and your completed 16x20 ready-to-hang Soul ReConnection Painting.

If your piece brings up issues that you’d like to address further, I offer Soul Expression Guide sessions at a special rate just for you.

Please contact me at with questions, or to schedule your Soul ReConnection painting. 
You can learn more about my Soul Expression Guide coaching practice at

Soul ReConnection Paintings can also be configured for your business, pouring love and intention into your dreams for your work.  Soul Intention Paintings also work in this capacity. Contact me for more information.

Soul Intention Paintings below are similar to Soul ReConnection Paintings, though not as intensely personal. They are better suited to couples, or as gifts for others. 

Soul Intention Paintings
Great for gifts, or for couples

What better way to share your hopes, wishes, dreams and deepest desires with your loved ones than through a personalized Intention Painting from Moon Mama?

Send me a letter detailing your heart-felt wishes for the recipient, preferably hand-written, but typed or scanned and printed will do just fine.
Also email me a clear photo of the recipient, if you choose to include a portrait.
Of course you can let me know if you'd prefer to use real-live post to send these items to me.

The first thing I'll do is perform Reiki on the canvas itself, infusing it with powerful energy and love.
Your letter will then be adhered to the canvas (don't worry; it won't be visible. You can feel free to share from your heart without reservation!), then I'll set the intention that your love and your wishes will be conveyed to the recipient of the painting.
I'll collage beautiful papers over your letter, followed by a layer of paint, and finish as I'm inspired, or
with the portrait of your loved one.

Prices are for a one person painting.
Add $50 for each additional person included in your painting.

Pricing is for a gallery-wrapped (ready to hang) canvas

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