Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Right Here, Right Now

Just playing around---
a "pretend" album cover by a "pretend" band
Photo by Malvina_M

The lovely Jamie Ridler asks today "what do you wish to enjoy?"
Boy oh boy, do the answers flow!
I'm always tempted to just jump in and start writing, based on that first impulse; however, I've found that if I wait, and ponder a bit, the real answer comes.
How do I know it's the real answer, you ask?
Simple; it's the one that is soul-satisfying.You know what I mean.

The real answer for today folks--- I wish to enjoy my here and now.
I have such an annoying habit of either fretting over the past, or alternately dreading what's coming or glossing over my present in hopes that the future will hold something better.

Even though I know down deep that enjoying my now determines that future, I have such trouble with getting bogged down in the yuck.
I'm catching on--- I'm constantly reading up (and writing) on the subject; heck, I'm even taking an online course from Ram Dass called, what else---Being Here Now.
And I'm finding that the more I focus on the now, and actually LIVE it, and hopefully ENJOY it, the better life gets, and the more joy I experience.