Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Do You Wish to Accomplish?

Aren't these mini sweet peppers adorable?
I bought them just to photograph them.....there's something not quite right about that. :D

"I am a very accomplished person, and I deserve to succeed. I accept success as my Divine right." Louise Hay, I Can Do It calendar for March 31

How interesting that Jamie's Wishcasting Wednesday question is "what do you wish to accomplish?"
It's also a question that I regularly do my best to avoid; herein surely lies much of my problem!

I have lists of things I wish to accomplish; doesn't everyone?
My lists are so long, and I'm so far behind that it's hard to get to the more esoteric items.... you know....the ones that involve spiritual growth or figuring out what my life's work is meant to be.

Today's list is quite long and tiring (grocery shopping, helping the Canadian find a motorcycle, entertaining kids out on spring break.....dreaming about some help with yardwork and that outdoor cob fireplace that I fully intend to build but can't do it all on my own....).

I was planning to say I'd pass on the wish, but who wants to pass on the chance to make a wish?!
And besides, now that I've mentioned the cob fireplace.....

These photos are from a park in Toronto---it includes an outdoor kitchen, all cob.
I'm shooting for something a little more "elegant", but these give you an idea of what
I'm trying to ACCOMPLISH

Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Worm Moon

I finally got around to finishing my own dream wheel for this full moon, amid dream wheel circle, being sick, getting the kids off to a camping trip, then trying to catch up, and finishing a painting.

As what tends to happen, my board took a completely different direction from the one I'd intended!
I thought I was headed in one direction---an all-round health, well-being, move forward kind of direction, but no!

I used a bigger board than usual, got all my images and text cut out...laid it all out....I was pleased with it. As I began gluing, I noticed that pieces moved around, and didn't seem to be taking up nearly as much space as I'd planned...hmmmm.... OK, I thought; I can add more goodies!

But no, it was not to be.
I had spray painted the board itself a purpley/maroon color, as it was large and I was concerned that I might not fill it up.
Somehow I felt that it should not be filled with images and words.
Funny thing about the words....I used a LOT of text, with only a few images this time....apparently I need to really push forward in the direction that I'm headed!
Well alright....

Then something unusual happened---- I felt compelled to really bling this board up!
I pulled out the 3-D glitter glue, silver stars and let loose!
I played and played until every empty spot was filled with MAGIC!

I'm assuming that I should sit with this one for a while and ponder its message.....

Full Worm Moon Dream Wheel Circle

I believe that my first dream wheel circle on Saturday was a success.
We had a blast, talking and playing together, and in the end, learned a few things about ourselves.
I'm really excited with the idea of holding full moon dream wheel circles every month!

Creating these collages seems like such a simple thing, and yet each one tells so much about its creator. Each and every time I make one for myself, I'm astounded at how the collage seems to take on a life of its own....telling me itself what the theme is (it's most always a totally different direction than the one I think I'm headed in!)

Below are photos of participants with their finished dream wheels.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Do You Wish to Take a Break From?

photo by Timothy Schildknecht 2010

You know, I've been so busy lately---with kids, with doctors, with putting my art-work together, with family things....birth, and now death----my first thought this morning when reading today's Wishcasting Wednesday prompt was, of course, "I wanna break from real life!".

And now I've spent the entire morning thinking "oh Jennifer; that's a lame wish"...."who doesn't wish for that?"

After all of that boiling in my head and heart today, I've reduced my need down to it's purest form---
I DO wish to take a break from real life---but not for just the rest and relaxation.
I wish to pull back, to spend some time considering REAL LIFE.
I don't want my head swimming with all those appointments and obligations, the have-to's or even the want-to's.

This week I have come face to face with REAL LIFE.

As many of you know, I lost a dear cousin unexpectedly this weekend.
Janet was a beautiful, vibrant, loving young woman (hey, to me, anyone between mid 40's to early 50's is still a young woman!), with a husband, with two beautiful children, one of whom was just married a few months ago; with four beautiful, adoring sisters.
Those five sisters are very dear to my heart, some of my favorite people, and all near to my age.

Losing such a beautiful soul was especially painful; burying her on such an incredibly gorgeous spring day with the flowers blooming and the birds singing was especially poignant, poetic even.

I am, however, having the most difficulty, I believe, with someone my age... a peer...leaving this life so suddenly and unexpectedly.
I think about life's silly details, all the things left undone....
and of course, do my loved ones KNOW how much they're loved??

I wish to take a break....
to let some of these feelings wash over me, cry if I need to...
to lie in my hammock this beautiful spring day, listen to the birds contemplate the beauty, the poignancy, and the preciousness of REAL LIFE.


I also wish to thank Jamie Dear for allowing me to share with all of you through yesterday's Creative Living with Jamie my take on what can happen when we don't listen to our Spirit, of learning to live a creative life in spite of the resulting physical pain, and that old familiar demon, FEAR.

I extended an invitation to all of you, Jamie's readers/listeners to join me in the Phoenix Rising--Georgia Theatre art quilt project. Listen on Creative Living, or read more about it here.
I'd be pleased as punch to have you participate with me!

AND I made a special Etsy'll have to go to Jamie's to find it ;) !

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Better Luck Next Time...

Sadly for DB, the leprechaun did prove too cunning for us and our trap!
The trap was sprung; the gold jewelry bait had disappeared....there was nothing but a trail of glittery magic dust left behind.

He went on to pre-school , taking his trap with him to ...ahem...demonstrate for the class.
Much to his surprise, the elusive leprechaun paid another visit during school....leaving him some green ribbons and some "danged ol' plastic" gold coins.

The little guy was SO disappointed! He was just sure if anyone could catch a leprechaun, it'd be him.
Better luck next time fella!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Y'all!

My comical little nephew Dawson came home from pre-school yesterday talking about building a leprechaun trap. He knew to come to his Auntie Jennifer for such a project, and over a shared pizza, we made our plans.

While he napped, I painted our little pizza box green and dug up some appropriate embellishments for him to choose from (he had specified some of my jewelry for bait!). Hannah painted a pair of chopsticks glittery gold.
Then I whipped up a batch of green sugar cookie shamrocks for him to share today with his classmates.

Shown above is his finished creation, a pizza box decorated with glittered paper coins, finished with alluring golden chopsticks to prop his trap open...all awaiting the cunning and elusive leprechaun.
I can't wait to hear his story of the leprechaun's visit later today! *wink wink*


This St Patrick's Day Jamie Ridler asks: What do we wish to pay attention to?
A couple of Wednesdays ago I brought up the idea of taking the time to listen to others' needs, to be a loving and supportive friend. This, of course, is still my wish, and it does require paying attention.

Recently though, I was speaking with Lisa Rough of Sacred Circle Creative Coaching about being still and paying attention to the ways in which I was compromising.
Lest any of you jump to conclusions, let me clarify---compromise is a good thing, an essential thing for getting along in this world, especially in intimate relationships.

However, when one starts to compromise away pieces of themselves to satisfy another's wishes or needs....THAT'S when there's a problem with compromise!

Compromise is meant to be a win-win situation, right?
Never should there be a "winner" or a "loser"!
True compromise also requires effort on the part of both/all parties involved (which again requires attention!).

Since that conversation with Lisa (thanks Lisa!) I am focusing more, paying more attention to how much of myself I give away in order to please others.
I've been shocked!
And I'm sure I've left several people confused, if not downright angry, by learning to say "now wait just a minute....that's NOT what I want" or "hey, my needs are being trampled here"

It is my wish this Wishcasting Wednesday for myself, and for all of us, that we might learn to pay more attention to just how many pieces of ourselves we give away, diminishing our own power and light.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Full Worm Moon

According to Farmer's Almanac, as the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins. The more northern tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night. The Full Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees, is another variation. To the settlers, it was also known as the Lenten Moon, and was considered to be the last full Moon of winter.

Celebrate this last full moon of the winter with me, Moon Mama!
Through creative collaging, using words and images, we'll declare our Spring intentions to the Universe at my very first Dream Wheel Circle!

We'll meet Saturday, March 27 from 10-12 at Fringe Collective Artistic Studios, 159 N Jackson St, Suite 34 in Athens.

There is a $5 supply fee for this event.

I do need to know how many of you will be coming for this morning of fun and creativity, so please contact me to reserve your spot at 706-540-2712 or at

I'm looking forward to this casual, relaxing morning with you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Full Moon Dream Wheel Circle

Join me, Moon Mama, Saturday March 27, 10 am- 12 pm
(before the Full Worm Moon on Tuesday) for my first full moon dream wheel circle.

We'll play with images and words, setting intention through creative collage.
Ages 8 and up are welcome for a relaxed and casual but inspiring morning.

We'll be playing at the Canadian's studio, Fringe Collective Artistic Studios----
159 N Jackson St, Suite 34 in downtown Athens

There is a $5 supply fee.

Contact me if you have questions, or want to register--- or 706-540-2712

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Do YOU Wish to Say No To?

image borrowed from

As I've been challenging the Canadian to participate in Jamie Ridler's Wishcasting Wednesday group, I suppose I'd best give today's wish some thought....

Today Jamie asks what do you wish to say no to---
The answer came easily: I wish to say no to anything that depletes my time and energy.

Lately my life seems to be jam-packed with time-wasters and Energy Vampires. I've lost track of how many doctors' and lawyer's appointments and court dates I've had over the last few weeks, not to mention all the fires I've had to put out just to keep life running smoothly.

Is this what happens when you say it out loud.....put it out there for the Universe to hear?
I choose to drop the past and live in the now; I want a better future.
It seems that all hell is railing against me since I said it and meant it.
SO let me tell you something hell: You can all leave me alone now. I refuse to play your game. I am saying NO. N-O. NO. Do you hear me?!

Now back off and let me have some peace.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Do I Wish to Make Time For

photo borrowed from the web

Maybe some of you would say I should wish to make time for keeping up with my blog... ;)
I do....I wish that; like so many of us, I wish I had time for all the things in my life that need doing, or that I want to do. It just seems so often that there's just not enough time for it all.
Jamie asks today "what do you wish to make time for".....Well Jamie, I'm glad you asked!

In my attempt to be honest with myself, authentic even, these past few weeks, I've noticed that very few of us are taking the time to listen, really hear what those around us are saying. We're not paying attention and living in the present moment.
And this disturbs me.

I sincerely wish to make time to listen, to be a do what I can to uplift those around me who need a bit of sunshine in their day.

And I wish that more of us would wake up and take the time.....