Friday, June 17, 2011


What a month!
Hang on....let me catch my breath! Whew!

Today, Moon Mama and the Hannimal are featured on Offbeat Mama!
That candy wrapper dress we created is making a name for itself, it seems.


LOVE this site!
And its sister sites--- Offbeat Home and Offbeat Bride
My kinda stuffs.

So...perhaps you've noticed that I haven't been blogging so much lately....
We've been SO crazy busy!
Sam graduated high school, moved out and went to work, and will be starting classes at UGA in the fall.
Hannah is moving on to high school in the fall.
We got a pair of bunnies, then had to give them away (alas! my allergies!)
Hannah went to Orlando with her dad and step-family last week.

Oh and ....
have I mentioned that I'm about to open my own space in Athens??
Ah yes! Finally!
The Moon Mama gets her own fantabulous space to create and offer healing in!

The amazing space across the hall from the Canadian's studios became available, and he has been running himself ragged renovating it for me.
It's an awesome space all on its own, oozing with character, but it did need a bit of work...extending walls all the way up to the ceiling, expanding the electrical and such. It has an outrageously high ceiling, with three arched windows (at least 8' tall!) overlooking the city. The building, smack-downtown Athens, is very old, and burned in the early 80's, so the space has charred beams and window trim, and original cracked plaster.
Those things I'll be leaving alone, but I'm planning to paint the drywall, finish the flooring and ..... I'm so excited...the Canadian is building me a loft with a HUGE storage area behind it!

Of course, I'll be posting photos of the progress, but it has been slow-going thus far (it is HOT down here! It must be 400* in there in the middle of the day! Ok, not really 400*, but you get the's HOT).

I'm so excited to have not only a space in which to create to my little heart's content, but in which to offer both Reiki and coaching sessions, but more about that later.

I hope to have my new site up very very soon, which is located at Over the Moon Creative Possibilities