6th Annual Penumbra
Halloween Art Show
Due to extenuating circumstances this year, 
Penumbra will be a bit different than in years past.
We almost gave up on it, but could not bear the thought of it, so listen up---
The 2014 Penumbra will be held at my home near Athens.
That's right. Artists are invited to participate at no cost.
The artwork will be for sale.
We'll provide lighting and electricity; you'll bring your own set up.
The party is open to the public--potluck style, with bonfire to follow.
Contact me for details
Saturday, October 25
2 pm --until
Penumbra Halloween Art Show
October 22-31, 2011

Better late than never, I hope!
Tim, my very own personal photographer, was called out of town the night of Penumbra's opening.
Our photographer friend from downstairs, James Grindeland, was kind enough to shoot a few photos for me.

life sized leather man by Jonathan Jacquet

by Thea Grindeland

By Debra Mazer

Age of Innocence, mine

Sugar Baby, mine

Halloweena, by Paula Reynaldi

Esmerelda Verde, mine

Gourd people and rabbit by Debra Mazer

Gothic Romance, mine

Melancholia, mine

Room with a View by Tina Halcomb

Here we have works by Manda McKay, Broken Toyland, and Tina Halcomb

Fall of Dorothy

Vampire Kitties by our youngest artist, Estelle Grindeland
Works by me, Broken Toyland, Debra Mazer, and Estelle Grindeland

Dia de Los Muertos by Tami Chacon

Cards from my Skeletons in My Closet series

Liberty by Thea Grindeland

Memento Mori Sugar Skull by Broken Toyland

Tragedy by Christina Carson

Sam, Will, Hannah and me, Moon Mama

Oh Hannah!

A little overtired, I'd say....

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