Thursday, December 10, 2009

Georgia Theatre Art Quilt

Recent quilt submission from Patty Altier of Akron, Ohio.
These blocks were created from remnants of hand-dyed fabrics originally
included in a birthday quilt for Micheal Stipe of REM

Thank you Athens Banner Herald this morning for helping to get the word out about the
Georgia Theatre Art Quilt project! (and here)

Here's an opportunity for, not just musicians, but the entire community to show their support of the Georgia Theatre, and it's rebuilding efforts.
I've extended the deadline for submissions through the end of the year. I realize I announced this fundraiser project at the busiest time of year, especially for all us artists, so I'm cutting us all a little slack and pushing the deadline out a little farther. Hopefully this will allow more artists to participate.

One point not mentioned in the ABH article-- I'm hoping for TWO completed quilts, one to auction here in Athens, and one to auction globally, perhaps on Ebay.
Therefore, I'm asking artists, if possible, to contribute 2 identical/similar quilt squares.

I'd like to hear, not only from artists, but any fan of the Theatre---bands who have played there in years past, businesses who'd like to show their support, the general public, anyone at all!

Send any questions my way, via this blog, or email at, or feel free to call me, Jennifer, at 706-540-2712.


pattynubs said...

I was so suprised to see the R.E.M. blocks posted. I am from Dover, Ohio, but live in Akron right now. My brother has toured with R.E.M. for years and the quilts were just a gift for being so good to my brother. So just for the record it was not for Michael Stipe's birthday. I also made a quilt for Mike Mills and I made two quilts for Peter Buck - one for each of his daughters. As soon as Xmas is over I plan on sending you a few more blocks - two made with leftover fabric from Mills' quilt and if I can find any fabric from Buck's quilts I make a couple of blocks so they are both represented.

Jennifer said...

I stand corrected Patty. And thank you again so much for your contribution!
I would LOVE for you to send more blocks; I'm especially excited over the idea of using fabrics with a STORY.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Hi, I am your partner for the cards paper swap. My email addy is
Lawendua has left the swap details fairly open so please let me know how many cards/bits of paper you'd like to swap and let me know if there's anything you really don't like:)


Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel