Thursday, June 10, 2010


Don't mess with Hannah!
She's the Ambassador of Fearlessness.

Ok, so Miss Creative Juicy herself has outed me.
I have fear issues. There.....I said it.
Which is why I've retreated to a friend's lakehouse in the middle of nowhere, not really intending to blog, but now Connie has called me out.

I realized, of course, that fear is an overwhelming problem for me, but when I signed up for 3 online workshops over the last few weeks, it knocked all the wind out of my sails.
The first course did it (sorry Sarah!). I felt sure I could seriously benefit from a course labeled "letting fly--balance for the creative soul"....I think most of us could.I came up head-first against a brick wall when I realized just HOW out of balance my life had become! I couldn't even complete the assignments in any sort of coherent way.

Then there was Connie's workshop Art Journal Love Letters---what an awesome course!
This one I'd meant to get involved with for the longest time!
I was so excited to sign up, but then after watching Connie's videos, suddenly I was locked up with fear. WHY???Here I am....been art journaling for a while....teaching my own workshops.....and I can't do this??

My 13 year old, Hannah has also been art journaling for a while. She was looking over my shoulder at the videos; I didn't realize how much they'd inspired her.
She went straight out and bought herself a journal and supplies, came home and raided my studio....and just dove right in.
Watching her inspired me to actually get started.....seeing her fearlessness, her could I not jump in with her?

Look at the mess we made!
Maybelline is terrified that we'll take over her window seat

A set of pages I finished

I've also signed up with Carmen Torbus for her Spill It Revisited workshop.
I didn't get any further than downloading the supply list and homework assignments. I realized I wasn't ready to get started....I had to overcome this ridiculous fear first.

So I'm holed-up here, alone with my thoughts and fears, doing my best to face them and make peace with them, looking forward to heading home with a different frame of mind.

And that Hannah.....
The Ambassador of Fearlessness is away at camp this week, and I look forward to "playing" with her when she comes home.
I'm so proud that she's not afraid of her creativity, and I'm hoping that by Connie's sharing her story with the world, others can be inspired to LEAP!


Diva Kreszl said...

oh sweetie let go of that 'fear'...just jump in to the creative pool, what's the worst that could happen? No failing grade, no being fired, no critique from a professor or jury pool just unabashed fun! Really, is this a life or death situation, does your livlihood depend on it, are your loved ones in danger if you don't 'succeed' (whatever that is),
there is no way you can fail, even pieces you do that you may not love are not failures, merely stepping stone to your next great piece of art!

Rochelle said...

Regarding art journaling, I have to admit the same fear. I've seen so many fabulous art journals online and they inspire me to want to try it myself but then I hear "you're not an artist", "you won't be able to make it look like that" etc.

I've read on two blogs now that The Diary of Frida Kahlo has inspired journalers with her freeform style - might have to check it out myself.

Sarah said...

Aww should have told me how you were feeling..I might have been able to help a bit!! But no worry..sometimes ya just have to breathe and go on...and be ok with it all! I agree with critique...just whatever you gleened from it is all good!! Hugs hon, Sarah