Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Transformation....Head First!

~Our homely tree~
It bears an uncanny resemblance to Salad Fingers...

Seems everything is going through a transformation of sorts these days.
My home is being transformed as we being re-arranged to make room for all of our beloved Christmas decorations and a kitchen covered with a fine dusting of confectioner's sugar and flour as I create, from gingerbread houses to chocolate covered cherries.

We ourselves are being transformed in both mind and body, transmuted through the fires of adversity, learning as we go.

This Wishcasting Wednesday, dear Jamie asks "what do you wish to transform"?
Would it be too trite to answer with "my life"?
I pondered this question as I herded the kids out the door for school.
A more accurate response, after consideration, would have to be "my mind".
After all, what transformation could be accomplished in a body, in a life, without first a transformation of the mind?

Catching up on my email earlier this morning, I discovered this post from yesterday's Positive Thoughts. Slowly read and digest these words from the Dalai Lama regarding transformation and the mind---

The source and cause of peace and happiness is the mind.

Both positive and negative experiences arise from the mind, depending on whether your mind is transformed or not. Therefore, it is most important to control and discipline the mind.

All the fears and the immeasurable suffering that we encounter arise from the mind. The Buddha taught that there is no enemy more powerful than the mind. In all the realms of existence, there is nothing more frightful—nothing more to be feared than the mind. Likewise, he said that the disciplined mind gives rise to all excellent qualities. The source and cause of peace and happiness is the mind. Happiness arises from virtuous practice; sufferings arise from negative practice.

So happiness and suffering depend upon whether your mind is transformed or not. Even in the short term, the more you control and discipline your mind, the happier and more relaxed you will be.

Once the mind within is controlled and relaxed, even if the whole universe appears to turn on you like an enemy, you will not feel threatened or unhappy. On the other hand, if you are internally disturbed and agitated, even if the most delicious food is laid out on the table in front of you, you will not enjoy it. You may hear pleasant things, but they will bring you no joy. So, depending on whether your mind is disciplined or not, you will experience happiness or suffering.

Although my body is dealing with much less pain these days, I am struggling with some bizarre health issues. I may have mentioned my multiple food allergies before. My doctor has now suggested that I might be allergic to myself.
I thought that was the very nature of lupus... the body rejecting parts of itself as foreign, so I'm not entirely sure what this newest development means.
The possible medical treatments--- years of Prednisone (No.) or chemotherapy (NO.)
I'm scheduled for an esophageal biopsy on Monday to see just what's going on in there.

I'd have to be oblivious to miss the self-rejection that this condition must represent.
And I certainly realize that a total transformation of my mind is in order. But where to start....?

And so Dear Friends, I'd ask you to wish with me today (I believe I heard somewhere that, astrologically, today is the day to ask)
I'm wishing for answers. I'm wishing for help. And I'm wishing for support on that path to total transformation.
I know I can count on all of you to send your love my way, and for that I am so, so grateful today!
Thank you, and blessings to you all!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Feel my hand reaching out to hold yours, to bathe you in light, in hope, in healing and in love.

May the Universe hear and respond and hold you in its knowing.

As Mama in the Moon wishes, so I wish for her also...

My Tranforming wish!

Googlover/keishua said...

I wish you healing, love, the answers you need. May healing love touch you, give you peace and lift you up. As you wish, so I wish for you, too.

Tabitha the KnittingJourneyman said...

As you wish for yourself, I so wish for you as well.

Find my wish here:

Yolanda Alejandre said...

AS Moon Mama wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

Tracy Carlton said...

moon mama, as you wish for yourself, i wish for you also...

...and i am sending you lots of love, connecting across the land, walking there with you, lots of light... here's to transformation, lots of self-love to replace self-rejection, and TONS o' love to our MINDS!

BIG hug BIG Sister!

Jeniffer said...

I feel your love and gratitude flowing through your words.

As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.

Lynna G said...

I am sending you an image of light surrounding you in concentric circles. I am seeing swirling stars of healing light pouring down on you.
As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

Marilyn said...

sending you love and light and best wishes for healing. as you wish for yourself, i wish for you also.

Kim Switzer said...

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.