Tuesday, May 8, 2012

29 Faces, Day 8

Day 8
Well this face was a surprise!
Started out with a "doll face"....big eyes, chubby cheeks, pouty lips.
Then it reminded me of someone, only the hair didn't come out the same as I'd expected once I'd made that realization.
This may be a work in progress.....

Still busy with family in Canadia today, then moving on to Utah tomorrow.
My poor body is still on eastern standard time, and the sun comes up awfully early here! By the time I catch up, it'll be time to head back home again!

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Lisa Richards said...

All of your drawings have such beautiful eyes! I think there are so many people doing this challenge that there's no way we can all get around to everyone...even once during the challenge. At least not if we want to get anything else done in our lives! lol! So I'm just enjoying doing the faces for my own satisfaction. But I'm about ready to go on to something else when I'm finished with this! Have fun!