Sunday, October 18, 2009



Less than a week before the show!
Lots of excitement, and LOTS of work to finish!
Besides my own art, there are banners and signs and decorations to create, artists to contact, food to
And I hear that my sister is coming in from out of town to share her creepy photography.

This is the first cooperative effort between Moon Mama and the Fringe Collective (aka Jennifer and Tim). It has been fun and frustrating, and everything else in between!
If we manage to survive this, watch for many more joint events in the future.
Actually there have been other creative efforts (but not events) between us, such as the above photo. Often I snag Tim's photos for my own use. Regret is a photo of my paternal great-great grandmother floating over an old cemetery that Tim found.

New details---we'll be offering Halloween portraits at the reception on Saturday night, as well as throughout the week, and Halloween night.
The gallery (Fringe Collective Artistic Studios at 159 N Jackson St in Athens) will be open select hours all week through Halloween.
And we'd like for our reception guests to bring their carved pumpkins to share with all!

Artists---don't forget that the art drop off is this Wednesday, October 21st!
We'll be at the gallery all day, and most of Thursday and Friday. Call us if you need us--my number is 706-540-2712 and Tim's is 706-540-2727
It's not too late to enter! We're looking for creepy, scary, disturbing, Halloween art, any media.
There is a $15 entry fee (one fee, no limit to the number of pieces entered), and your work must be picked up Sunday November 1.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Best wishes for a wonderful show!!