Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mama In The Moon!

Today is my blog's one-year-birthday, and I feel like sharing the love!
When I started typing one year ago, I wasn't so sure I was going to enjoy this little adventure. I certainly didn't believe I'd keep up with it for a year!

I did it though, and here we are...
Let me share my celebration with you; I want to give away some happy goodies---

If you live nearby, by all means, drop in and have a cup of tea and some cookies with me!
If not.....

I'd like to share some of my Encouraging Words; I'll be giving
away a set of these:

Dejected and depressed, she trudged through the mud and relentless rain,
muttering to herself about how hard it all was.
A wee little sliver of white poking up out of the mud, shimmering with just
the slightest hint of magic caught her eye.
Curious, she dug it out and let the rain wash away the dirt.
'Twas the tiniest little magnet; it said only "play".
Beaming up at the grey heavens, her face splashed with raindrops and tears,
"Thank You" she said.
The reminder was enough.

Created from my deep belief that none of us can have too many encouraging words, these tiny glass baubles contain just one sweet word of encouragement amid a touch of sparkly magic.
I carry a bag of these with me so I can leave them for others to find---
at the doctor's, the library, wherever someone else
who needs an encouraging word might find them.

I'm also giving away one of these to three more of my lovely readers who wish Moon Mama a happy blog-birthday:

Just let me know if you want these with a magnet on the back

Here's the dealio--
I'll randomly pick the winners from the comments left through the weekend.
Leave a comment for me here to enter.
Visit my Etsy site and "heart" it; that earns you another comment. Simple.


faerwillow said...

~happy 1 year anniversary...may you have many more days to come writing creating and sharing your day to day with us...a blessing you are and ever so humble and gracious are you to offer such gifts...i l♥ve what they stand for and the can never get enough of goodness from inspiring words nad brilliant to leave them scattered for others to find...l♥ve it! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, blog! :) I enjoy following along with your writing and art, and wish you endless creativity and joy in the year to come! And I had so much fun leaving little words of encouragement around town from my last Etsy order. It improved MY mood just finding places to leave the little treasures, so I can only imagine what it did for people who discovered them.

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Happy birthday, Moon Mamma! And what scrumptious little gifties... So beautifully reflecting your generous heart. Much love, dear friend!

Tracy Carlton said...

happy birthday to your very BIG creativity!!! thanks for sharing the loveliness that is you!!

congrats on the first year!

The Girlie-Queue said...

I am following you Sam I am :) Happy Blogday Anniversary!!! Here's to more brilliance in the coming year♥ (((Hugs and Mush)))

Biomouse said...

I've just recently found your blog in the last few weeks through Wishcasting Wednesday and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Here's to wishing you a very happy 1st year of blogging Moon Mama!

Jenn said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Glad you have enjoyed the adventure!!! Look forward to reading more on your blog and of course sharing BIG with you!!!

liz allam said...

soooooooooo cool love all your work by the way, happy birthday blog. love liz

Cindy said...

Congrats on your blog birthday! May you have many more years of such joy!

Cindy said...

I'm hearted you on Etsy!

Monica said...

hey there. happy blogiversary!

don't count me in though, just congratulating you. :)