Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Secret is OUT!!!

Have you heard about 21 Secrets?
What? You mean the ripples of excitement haven't reached you?
You must've been under a rock! But I love you anyway, so here's the dealio---

Dirty Footprints Studio is offering an awesome art journaling series called 21 Secrets...
21 sessions, 21 different artists, and the list of artists/workshops is just too tempting to pass up
(and all of this awesome-ness is only $59!!).

And believe it or not, this gets even better---
my pal Connie is giving away TWO, not one, but TWO of these for a lucky blogger and another for the winner to give away to their own readers!!!

Every single workshop sounds amazing to me, but let me just share a few to get your juices flowing:

How about Surreal Journal Fun by Tami Chacon of Dream Wish Hope?

Or how does Typoholic---typography fun with Natalie Malik of Awkwardly Beautiful sound?

Maybe art postcards float your boat... Try Art Journaling's Sassy Little Sister with Lis Hofmann
of Dandelion Seeds and Dreams.

Registration for 21 Secrets begins September 20 and all the juicy fun officially starts October 1.
Read all about the excitement here!


Emma said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I hope you can join us for 21 Secrets!

Lisa said...

I second Emma - happy Blogiversary! Yay!

Hope to see you over at the playground (and I know - I'm so excited about those workshops too!)

tami said...

Happy Blogging. How exciting to celebrate your first year!

Love your blog. Off to explore more of it. Hope to see you at the 21 Secrets WOrkshop!