Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BIG Beginning----MY LIFE

My very first BIG painting!
I guess that makes it my BIG BEGINNING! :)

On this beautiful, crisp, clear fall morning, perfect for new beginnings, Jamie asks "What do you wish to BEGIN?

How perfect! I know the answer to this question!!
I wish to begin MY LIFE!

Autumn has always been my very favorite time of year---
There's just something in the air that seems to rally even the faint of heart, with the promise of change, giving us hope for our future.
As another birthday approaches, with mid-life creeping ever closer, I've thought a lot, maybe too much about my life.... accomplishments, lack of accomplishments, what might be in store for the last half.

The first half, at first glance, was wasted, wandering around aimlessly.
Before friends and family jump in...YES, I DID give birth to five of the most beautiful, intelligent, creative and funny beings on this planet. I am well aware of THAT accomplishment, and very proud of it too.

When I focus on myself, there was a lot of aimless wandering.
All of my attention was concentrated on my growing family and their needs (as it should've been), but I was ignoring the basic needs of my own spirit.
It was screaming to be acknowledged....all that time. No wonder I've had such struggles with chronic illness! *shaking head*

And now nearing mid-life, it's screaming "now or never!".
I am learning to acknowledge, and at times even indulge, my deepest needs.
I've taken several art and writing workshops, gone away for a retreat, purchased "real" art supplies for myself.....and sometimes it's been a wrestling match with myself!
But I am feeling my spirit grow and stretch toward a new I can call my own.

I'd like to thank lots of folks who've been supportive and have helped me to begin this new life (and if I leave anyone out, please forgive me!)----
Lisa Rough, Sarah Sullivan, Baraka Elihu, Carmen Torbus, and Connie Hozvicka
And of course there's our dear Jamie Ridler!
I'm participating in Dirty Footprints Studio's BIG workshop just now. My spirit (and several online friends!) told me that this was a pretty cool jumping off point.

Yep, I'm ready.....
ready to begin MY LIFE.


Lori-Lyn said...

Woohoo! As Jennifer wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Sarah said...

As Jennifer wishes for herself...I so deeply wish for her also!
I loooove this and am right there with ya....and am deeply touched by what you wrote has been my honor and a blessing to me to walk with you hon! May all of these wonderful things come to you hon!! May we mid-lifers find ourselves in all our amazing beauty!! Hugs, Sarah

J's Girl said...

WOW - there is a ton of conviction behind those wishes!! As Jennifer wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

Ceanne said...

You are on a great path!

As Jennifer wishes for herself, I also wish for her!

Kim Switzer said...

Woo hoo! So cool that you're jumping in on the BIG adventure. Enjoy!

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.

Marilyn said...

this IS big! as Jennifer wishes for herself, i wish for her also.

Chel said...

I wish for you much success and happiness in your NEW life, your new beginning!! I feel so similar! It's time for a new approach to life!!

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

Goddess of Yum said...

Really powerful stuff in here! As Jennifer wishes to begin her own life, so I wish for her too...and so it is!

Jo Anna said...

As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well!

Ecobatt said...

Yeah for you jumping into BIG! I'm a fellow AJLL girl and BIG is calling my name next time around, but I gotta say I'm really wishing I had done this time around-your first piece is gorgeous! Keep the spirit up and revel in the artsy waters surrounding us-so you wish for yourself Jennifer, I wish for you!

Cindy said...

As Jennifer wishes for herself, so I lovingly and enthusiastically wish for her also!

I sometimes feel as though I life a half-life and, like you, I'm ready to step up and claim my full life. YOU GO GIRL!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

As Jennifer wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Loving this post´s energy!
As Jennifer wishes for herself, so I wish for you also. :)