Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Whole Lotta Love

So I'm feeling a little frustrated today.
OK, a LOT frustrated! 
There's so much to get done, and it seems like everything is going wrong....one of those days!

I finally decided that I can sit here, frustrated, and accomplish nothing.
OR..... I can spread a little love around and change it all!
I can make a few other folk feel happy and make myself feel all better, with a coupla clicks.
So why not?!

I think I'll give away some love by giving my sweet, sweet readers some Valentine gifties---

I think I'll start with a box of my homemade chocolate covered cherries for you to indulge in...
And then I'll give away a little velveteen pouch filled with love you can spread around your neighborhood....
 Then I'll throw out a mini-version of my Message in a Bottle, so you can share the love with your Love!

To clarify, this is three separate gifts, to three separate readers.
And all you gotta do is share some love with me here!
Your comments so often make my day...
You guys rock!


Tracy Carlton said...

spreading LOVE around is the BEST therapy ever.
your creations are so beautiful jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much Tracy!
Loved your DEEP post btw!

Carol Koenigsknecht said...

Thanks for your inspiration of choosing LOVE over frustration, something I have to remind myself of over and over, even though I KNOW better! You are an amazing woman and I am so grateful to call you "friend"...thank you for helping make this world a better place for all of us. Sending much love to you, sweet Jennifer!

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Ooo. how could I possibly resist sending you my love, dear Jennifer... You inspire me all the time, do you know that? And I'm not just saying that for chocolate covered cherries.... (not that I'd turn them down by any means!)... I'm sayin' it because I mean it from the deepest part of me. I feel honored to know you. xoxo

Lannae Johnson said...

Well, aren't you amazing! I know about your "art" art, but I didn't know about your food art. You are so talented!