Monday, April 12, 2010

The Georgia Theatre Quilt Project Takes a New Turn

the fabulous Vanda Guthrie

...and all because of a comment on Facebook when I posted the last block submission!

The lovely, lovely Vanda Guthrie (wife of Michael Guthrie and mother of the late Jon Guthrie) has graciously offered to help me out by prodding local bands to submit their band t-shirts for the Georgia Theatre art quilt.

Michael and Vanda Guthrie

I had originally asked her to create a memorial block for her son Jon, and one for the Michael Guthrie Band (a mainstay of the Athens music scene). She, apparently being the total sweetheart I've heard she is, took the idea and ran with it, vowing to "make this happen".

I've been begging for submissions from anyone and everyone--- bands, artists, businesses, school kids....locally and globally.....anybody!
But Vanda tells me that all bands have t-shirts; this is free publicity for the bands (who can't use some free publicity???!!) and, hard is it to hand over a t-shirt??!!
Vanda will even cut your quilt square out of it for you! Come on!

My original plan was to have enough squares for a quilt to auction locally, a quilt to auction on ebay so that we could open the bidding up globally, and of course, one to hang in the re-built theatre.
It's entirely possible that, if we receive enough band t-shirts, that a BAND ART QUILT can be put together just for the theatre!
Come on folks----if you've ever played there, ever wanted to play there, or just want to show your support for the Georgia Theatre, hand it over!

To learn more about this project, and see examples of previous submissions, search my blog;
just enter Georgia Theatre.
You can also read about it at the official theatre site.
Please note that the absolute last call for submissions is APRIL 30!
If you have any questions at all, or to arrange to submit your block, don't hesitate to contact me.

For further reading on the Athens music scene, visit here.

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