Friday, April 23, 2010

SWEET! Latest Georgia Theatre Art Quilt Submission

Our most recent submission for the Georgia Theatre art quilt is AWESOME!
At least that's the general consensus at my house....everyone who's seen it, loves it.
How cool--- a guitar, cut from a vinyl record album (remember those, kiddies?), labeled with a photo of the Georgia Theatre, the neck of the guitar making the statement "Rise aGAin"!
I love it!

And this masterpiece was created by none other than my pal Teresa Atkinson of MaggieGraceCreates !
Believe it or not, she hurried to finish it before she had her surgery, "just in case", she said.
She dropped it off the day before tripping off to the hospital to have her kidney removed, bless her.
She is doing just fine, by the way.

the "Georgia Theatre" label

the guitar's neck--notice the shiny GA

Please remember folks--- the absolute LAST CALL for submissions is one week from today!
The deadline is FRIDAY APRIL 30!!
Contact me to make arrangements for drop off, pick up or mailing in your quilt squares or band t-shirts.

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patty a. said...

Jennifer, I put my blocks in the mail today. They may look kind of odd, but they are suppose to look like a section was taken out of the orginal quilt I made as a gift to Mike Mills. I sent you two identical blocks made with the same fabric as the quilt was made from. paltier at rpj dash aps dot com