Monday, April 5, 2010

Tuesdays are Now MUSE-Days for Moon Mama!

A while back, I began a series of self-portraits loosely based on an idea proposed by artist Nic Hohn in the March/April 09 edition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine.

I chose one of my favorite photos of myself and, using Photoshop, extracted my face. I removed the color and altered the contrast, leaving a pale and washed out version of myself. I made multiple copies in various sizes to play with.

It has been a remarkably enlightening process, this recreating myself --- trying on, not only new hairstyles or clothing, or re-forming features, but trying on new personalities (even a different species once!), wondering how those women would behave.

Today I feel comfortable sharing these portraits with you (I already shared one way back).
Some are playful and silly, but others are quite personal.

From this day forward, Tuesdays will be Moon Mama's MUSE-Days.....
I'll share a portrait and you can find out for yourself just what's inside....
what secrets are hidden behind that smiling Moon Mama...if you dare!

The first page in this journal of self-discovery isn't really an altered portrait, at least not like the others. This is what came to mind when I contemplated what I was about to jump into---
another favorite photo, taken when I was five years old, at my sassiest.
What were YOU like when you were five?


I remember being so full of life as a kid--- energetic, mischievous, creative,
sassy, exuberant, inventive, playful, fanciful, spirited,
but at the same time a dreamer---
deep, sensitive, imaginative, even spiritual.
I had not forgotten who I was.
I guess I was told too many times to stop being that person;
so in order to be accepted,
I forgot...
And the door shut.


Diva Kreszl said...

what an amazing post for today...sadly we do lose the child in us over time. I have always wished I could go back and interview myself at various times of my childhood, what did I think, what were my dreams, what was I like???

maggiegracecreates said...

SO now that door has opened just a little. Shove it on open and step right through. Cheering you on.

faerwillow said...

~yes you have opened that door and never allow anyone to tell you to close it...this is a beautiful priceless piece you have created...inspiring and i can hardly wait to see more...well wishes on your new as you a wonderful thing! brightest blessings~

Anonymous said...

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