Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marion's March of Dimes Calendar Project

My friend Marion Mullinax is coordinating what promises to be an amazing project!
She's coordinating 12 expectant mamas with 12 local artists, and having their bellies photographed by 12 local photographers.
She's putting all the painted bellies together into a calendar, available later this year, as a fundraiser for the March of Dimes.

Of course Moon Mama participated, painting her Moon Mama logo on a deliciously blossoming mama's belly!
And my husband Tim (aka the Canadian), a photographer himself, is participating as well---
he's taken some of the shots, and he's opened up his Athens studio, Visual Artistry and Magic, for all the action


maggiegracecreates said...

I didn't realize you painted on Brooke. Sweetheart that she is.

Lannae Johnson said...

Very cool...I love Brooke! Oh, and welcome to blogging! Teresa sent me. :)

lil songbird mama said...

love your new blog and the beautiful belly art!

Jennifer Schildknecht said...

Thank you all very much!
I appreciate the welcome, and the encouragement.
And thanks Teresa, for sending your friends.
I have a big big announcement coming up shortly for all you artsy types---soon as Tim gets me the photos! :/
Hang on to yer hats!!

Keep watching; I'll be posting more bellies as they're painted and shot.

Yes Brooke was a DOLL to work with!
Such a sweetie. I hadn't seen her since she was a kid, and here we are, getting all personal with each other. :D