Friday, November 13, 2009

Art Every Day---DAY 13

The Girl, helping me cover a canvas for the mysterious "next project"

We're almost halfway through the month, and for a minute there, I lost some steam.
I was starting to question my motives (never mind my sanity) for working so hard to participate in Art Every Day month, starting to wonder if maybe I was becoming too driven, working too hard to gain the notice and praise of the other artists participating.

I was grateful to be reminded of why by Miss Leah herself. Says Leah, upon being asked by her husband how she manages this huge undertaking: "
I see the beauty radiating out from your creations. When you create from your heart it, it shows. And when we receive support and encouragement, we grow, we take greater leaps, we gain confidence in ourselves as artists, and we encourage others to follow in our footsteps. And oh my, that's a beautiful thing. That's why doing this in a community is such a powerful thing. We can all encourage each other and help each other grow and stretch and take those leaps."
Enough said. I am back at work!

Today I am putting the finishing touches on the 2nd birthday daughter's art journal, so that we can present it to her on Sunday.
Here is the next project at hand. I'm not going to say what it is just yet, as I mentioned earlier that it would be Christmas presents, only to find that my child reads my blog! :0
I'll just show it to you as I work on it, step by step.

--phase 1--
Wet canvas, painted randomly with acrylics
Love love love the way the colors blend, like rain on sidewalk chalk!

--Phase 2--stamped randomly with black paint--
I kind of like it just like it is, but no, not done yet!


Susie said...

The canvas is looking awesome. The colors do blend in the nicest of ways. Anxious to see what comes next.

linda said...

Wow, beautiful colors - I love how happy it looks!

JulieJordanScott said...


Sheila said...

Love likening the colors to rained on sidewalk chalk. You MUST be having a GREAT time with that - it shows.

Rachel said...

Very pretty! I'm excited to see what comes next :)

Expressive Hart said...

Love your art journals. I scrolled through some of your earlier posts. So very nice to connect with YOU! Love the good feeling, energy of your canvas.

Connie said...

This is very cool! I love it!

PEace & Love.

Connie said...
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