Sunday, November 29, 2009

So I'm a Saint.....

No, I'm not. Far from it.

But here's what happened---

We had all the kids and most of their "significant others" over on Thanksgiving; what better time for a family portrait?
Do you have any idea how difficult (and frustrating) it is to organize 10 unruly folk and get them to all be still and smile at the same time?!
Let me just say that we did NOT get the portrait.

The closest thing to it was a shot of all the kids and their girlfriends/boyfriend, with me sitting in front of them. THEY all looked great; I, however, was sitting there with my hands clasped in my lap and my eyes rolled up toward Heaven----reminiscent of all those Renaissance Madonnas from my college art history course (oh dear!).

After a long hard day, I decided to have a little fun at my own expense---


Leah said...

oh dear. i feel your pain. trying to get family together for a picture is so hard. i love that you made this renaissance-like portrait of yourself. having studied art history, it made me smile. :-) (((hugs)))

Julie Jordan Scott said...

You made me laugh!! Thank you!

Susie said...

Too funny! I have trouble just getting my two and their significant others to pose and look pleased.

Jennifer said...

You girls want some laughs?
Maybe I should post some of the OUT TAKES from our session! :D

OMG they were funny---
at least two shots where someone was sneezing or about to sneeze; a couple of them with 2-headed kids, a demonic expression on one....

This session was our 2nd attempt for this year's Christmas card.
We also had a fiasco last night with just the 4 of us who live at home...excellent fodder for the awkward family photos site!

I STILL don't know what's going on the family Christmas card, and I've got to order it in the next couple of days.
Suppose I could go back and add a baby in my arms in the digital Madonna portrait.....?