Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 11 of Art Every Day Month

my original mural--an Asian flair for the Reflexology room.
I never liked that panda-guy anyway.

Beginning the background for the new mural, which
will be the UGA Arch (hey, we live in's a common theme)

since I was feeling better yesterday, I actually started putting in a background for that mural that has been hanging over my head forever.

The art journal is still all over the kitchen table, waiting to be finished, and the fabulously juicy Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio just reminded me with her post about a "traveling studio" that I've got to get that finished and clean up around here before Birthday Girl and all her siblings and their significant others show up for dinner on Sunday! YIKES


Julie Ann Shahin said...

You are covering up the panda? I think he's precious!!!

Looking forward to your art journal.


Jennifer Schildknecht said...

Yes Julie Ann, I'm afraid I'm covering up the panda. :(
It was wrenching to go in there and paint over my own work!
But that's what the client wanted.
They moved their office into that room, and they're rabid Bulldog fans, so it didn't go with the whole red/black theme.
It's ok....they liked him too, so he may be reincarnated somewhere else in the office.

More art journal later...lost steam!

CorazonArt said...

LOVE the panda! It has to be hard to transition like that, g'luck!

Meredith said...

I didn't realize you live in Athens. Too bad about the Panda :(

But I still think the mural is going to be lovely. I'm in awe of murals ever since I saw one being painted. I tend to focus in on tiny details in my art, and to be able to cover such a large space -- including sometimes quite intricate details -- well, bravo!

Kelly said...

I am glad that you at least have some photographs of the adorable panda before you paint over him.

linda said...

Wow, fantastic work! And the mural looks large format work!

Leah said...

the mural work is looking great! good-bye sweet panda! :-)