Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Art Every Day--Sharing the Spotlight on Day 10

Since the Canadian was kind enough to run out and shoot the purple berries for me yesterday, I think I'd like to share some of his art this morning.
I'll share more of mine and my girl's work later today.

Those of you have visited this blog before might be familiar with a friend's calendar project that we were helping out with.
Marion was having 12 artists paint 12 pregnant bellies, which were then shot by 12 photographers, all for a March of Dimes Fundraiser.
Most of this took place at the Fringe Collective Artistic Studios; one of the bellies was painted by yours truly, and at least a couple of mamas were photographed by Tim.

This particular mama had a great henna tattoo on her belly---a glorious tree of life. In preparing her photo for the calendar project, Tim has been playing around with it, creating all sorts of beautiful art. He decided that it was starting to look like a planet, and he started thinking along the lines of creation, earth mother, mother earth and on and on, until we were both knee deep in this piece.

Without further ado---the art of Mr. Timothy Schildknecht of the Fringe Collective---


Julie Jordan Scott said...

This is fantastic. Wow. Speechless!! Pregnant bellies are so beautiful....

CorazonArt said...

Love it!!!

Ana said...

Wow, what a symbolic picture. I love the nature context in mother earth and the energetic vibe it has for life. Beautiful. :)

Happy Creative Every Day Month.

KathrynAntyr said...

Wow! This is so cool. I could sit and stare at this photo for hours. Your mister is very, very talented.