Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Every Day --DAYS 7, 8, 9

wishes and dreams for my girl---from little girl to teenager!

Whew! What a weekend! Guess we were just all being too creative here to actually post it all on Creative Every Day! :D

We finished up the Hannah-journal, with the help of friends and family. What fun to get them involved in all the creativity flying around!
Girlfriends contributed their efforts to several pages. It was interesting to watch them--their initial reaction was "what in the world is this crazy woman asking us to do?!" to "omg, this is so cool; can I do ANOTHER??!"

Then we got the siblings involved (I have 5 kids, plus the girlfriends/boyfriend), and they had their fun with some pages too.

And then when all was said and done, Hannah paid me the ultimate compliment---
She needed to take something to a youth activity at church later this week that would demonstrate what she's all about, and she was so excited to be able to have this journal to show! Made me just tear right up....I did something right! So much for ruining teenagers' lives Kathryn! ;D

Apparently she's not quite ready for this project to end. I took some photos of her last night, making more pages for her journal, and helping me with the other one (it has become a gift from her too). I'll share those later.
She also helped me paint a huge piece of canvas yesterday (more photos coming)......she kept asking me what we were doing with it, what was it for, and I had to work to keep my answers as vague as possible. It will eventually be made into Christmas presents for her and her siblings! Shhhhhh!

She said to me last night, "I'm the most like you of any of your kids, right Mama? I'm the most creative". There are moments like these that make me realize just how worth it it all has been. *SIGH*


Anonymous said...

what an awesome idea, I am gonna have to try my hand at it sometime soon. very beautiful and heart warming.


Jennifer said...

Why thank you Sadie!
Thanks for the love!


Susie said...

This is gorgeous, every page is a delight to look at. It inspires me to get serious about making an art journal.

KathrynAntyr said...

I have the HUGEST grin on my face right now after reading what your teen said. My favorite compliment from my son was when he said, "I really like having an artist for a mom."

All of those journal pages are so juicy and full of life. Way to go to rally the troops and inspire some creative play.

You are a very cool mom!

Anonymous said...

THe colors are incredible. I wish I could pick them up and look closer. Thank you for sharing.


Leah said...

what a fun project!!!

Cheryl said...

I love your journal pages. I started eight of them today for AEDM, but my biggest frustration is that I can't find anything that will write nicely on them. I used watercolor pastels to color one page, for example. What do you use for coloring and writing? Your writing looks so nice and bold. So far, I have Sharpies and a couple of gel pens, and I've ordered some Sharpie poster paint pens.

Jennifer said...

Cheryl, I've been painting backgrounds with cheap acrylics.
Some of the lettering is done with Sharpies, some with rubber stamps and some I just print out on transparency film and stick it on.
I find that the Sharpies only work sometimes, and I can't determine what makes the difference. Occasionally I coat the almost finished page with glue and use a white gel pen, or a Zig ball writer, or dollar store gel pens.
Mostly I find that I just have to play until I'm happy with the results.
None of that is very helpful is it? :~/