Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Art Every Day---DAY 17

As much fun as those journals were to create, I am glad that they're behind me and being loved by those they were created for.

Now it's time to focus on Christmas gifts!
We traditionally create most of our family's gifts, but this year's circumstances dictate that we make as many of our gifts as possible. Fortunately most of the recipients appreciate handmade!

I was just interviewed by a writer from the Athens paper yesterday about "artsy/craftsy Christmases", or How an Artist and Her Family Enjoy Christmas. We've been making ornaments since the first three kids were just toddlers, and have now for many years aspired to gingerbread house building. I'll share some photos (and hilarious stories) later on in the season.

Though I need to make gifts and work on that mural that is waiting, my heart wants to sew....
I feel a strong pull to create something just for me. And of course, my body is screaming "are you crazy???"
We'll see what happens....

But for now, for Art Every Day, here is Phase 3 of the secret Christmas project

I think I liked it more with just the black stamping; what do you think?
I'm also thinking I might enjoy making something to wear from this, painted on a softer fabric, of course.
Ahh well....the next phase of this project involves cutting and sewing, so maybe I'll get my sewing fix there.....hmmmm......We'll see, we'll see.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love the black stamping and the colors are so beautiful! I would love to receive something like this as a gift!

Diva Kreszl said...

if your Muse is telling you to sew go for it...make something for yourself!!!

Jennifer said...

Ahh yes....it is so much easier to create for others, isn't it?
I strive to listen to the Muse more, but I know that it's not just a piece of clothing I want to make for myself; it's a work of art, an adventure; it will take time and thought and effort.
It's really hard to convince myself that I'm worth what I know it will take! Why is it so hard??!

Sam said...

I love the piece you're working on - the colours and the way they blend is so beautiful. I like the two layer stamping. I thought it was embossed at first :-)

Meredith said...

Maybe you do need to sew for yourself for a few days... putting yourself first for just a little while may renew your energy so you can focus on getting everything done during the holidays, without feeling overwhelmed before it even starts.

I so understand about the crafty Christmas. This year, I decided to crochet several gifts and bought expensive cashmere yarn for two of them, and I later found out we aren't "doing gift giving" on that side of the family -- but those are the gifts I'd gotten started on. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

Meredith, you are so right.
After several false starts, I stood staring at the canvas fabric I've been working on. I'd already picked out a peasant-style dress with vest pattern. I had the wild idea that I could cut little circles out of the painted canvas and applique them to the bottom of a dress!
So I dug out some deep purple linen for a dress, and I remembered I had a black wool jacket that I'd felted. I didn't get very far but stay tuned for pix of whatever I do manage!
Too bad about the cashmere...sounds like a nice gift for Meredith! I ADORE cashmere anything; I'm sure SOMEONE will appreciate that gift from you!!

Susie said...


Carmen said...

i am checking your blog right now and love it, keep yourself in this path, the best!

linda said...

Ooo, exciting. I love secret stuff...especially when it's a project with a big reveal at the end. Beautiful design...can't wait to see more!