Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Every Day DAY 6

one more silhouette (quotes by Buddha and Einstein)

Sooo....the mural activity didn't happen yesterday as planned.
Had a 3.5 hour dental appointment, grabbed lunch and realized there just wasn't anything left.
Waiting for all that vibrant health wished my way on Wishcasting Wednesday....
come on!
These pages are simple simple---

a little pastel over paint, some rubber stamps, quotes by ee cummings and MOM


Sara @Soulspackle said...

Hee! I'm pretty sure we have that same spiral rubber stamp! I love the "normal" sized silhouettes and the paisley! I need to get myself an art journal pronto! :)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

These journal pages are so beautiful... I don't know if I could create such beauty following a 3.5 hour dental visit. Wow. You... amaze me on a variety of levels.

Thank you!

KathrynAntyr said...

Ohh I have my share of dental appointments coming up. We are lucky to have art journals to come home to!

Jennifer said...

Thank you all Dears for your comments.

Sara--the spiral is a cheap Wally-World foam stamp; bet everybody has one just like it!
The paisley stamp too.

The silhouettes were digital brushes that were WAY skinny---I couldn't put THAT in my girls' books! None of us are skinnies, so that would've been disheartening AND inappropriate. I just want my girls (and me)to be healthy, not toothpicks!

I'm loving doing the art journals right now. I feel like I really can't mess up! The backgrounds were super easy, so if I mis-stamp or glue, I can either paint right over it or toss it (unless I take Connie's advice and start a "scrappers" bin). It's all going quick and easy; makes me feel like I'm really accomplishing something.

Don't put me on a pedestal just yet Julie! ;D
The dental appointment that lasted half a day, though stressful, was simply a CLEANING at a tech school.
Funny thing is, they didn't get finished and I have to go back next week! :0

And so, YES Kathryn, it's wonderful to have art journals to come home to! :D
Hope your dental appointments aren't too too stressful.

Expressive Hart said...

I love the spirals, too! And, I played around with a silhouette today, too. We are in synch. I really need to start an art journal! Thank you for sharing your creative journey!