Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art Every Day---DAY 18

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I've been feeling that old familiar itch to sew.
If I don't deal with it now, it'll take over all my thoughts completely and prevent me from accomplishing anything else until I create something for myself.
Meredith advised me to just do it...Just go ahead and make something wonderful for myself, and free myself up for all the holiday creations. Probably a brilliant idea Meredith!

Over the past year, my body has become a pretty accurate barometer. Since there was rain moving in, I didn't accomplish a great deal, and likely won't again until it moves back out. But I did do some creative thinking and some planning.

I'd already decided on a pattern... a flow-y peasant-style dress and a vest.
And I did mention how attracted I am to the fabric I've been painting on.....
It's far too stiff to make clothing from, but I had an idea, so I started rummaging.
I found just enough of some lovely purple linen (these photos are WAY off; each photo is a different color, neither of them's a deep, delicious, juicy purple) that would make a great dress.

Now why couldn't I cut some little circles out of my canvas and applique them around the bottom of my dress?
For Halloween I made myself an orange dress and appliqued little handpainted spooky silhouettes around the bottom to dress it up.
What a fun idea! I was likely going to have to paint more of that canvas anyway....

Now that idea lit my fire!
I remembered that I'd tucked away an old black wool blazer that I'd felted. I cut the sleeves off, decided I couldn't use it as is and would have to cut a vest from it.
Not sure if I want to leave the collar on it.
If I'm feeling really ambitious, I could even trim it with the painted canvas. Might be a bit much though; what do you think?


Susie said...

Your plans sound fantastic. The colors your are planning will be so rich looking. Will anxiously await the finished garment.

rachel said...

cool idea

Julie said...

Your plans sound beautiful.

Leah said...

Sounds wonderful!! I love that you're embracing your desire to sew and doing some planning for it all.

The Lunar Gazette said...

I love your art so much! I have just started an online zine for the magickally crafty and spiritually minded. I would love for you to consider submitting art or a "how-to" article for it, if you'd like! I look forward to reading your blog, and hope you stay in touch with The Lunar Gazette!